It’s Like Adding Disco to Snake to Create Dance Dance Snake Revolution

(Reviewed Nintendo Switch Version)

The game Snake dates all the way back to 1976 and has been cloned and produced everywhere since then, everyone had it on their Nokia phones at one point. Snake is a game where as you move your snake gets longer and you have to try manoeuvring without hitting your snake or it’s game over. Conga Master is the weird step-brother of Snake as you find yourself going from party to party to create a huge momentum filled conga line without slowing down or stopping unless you want to kill the party.

Conga Master Party is a wonderful, but short game, that will have you tapping your feet as you dance around people like a creep in order to get them to join your conga line. The goal is simple, dance around people and get them to join you on a wild night out. There is also an obscure story to go along with it where you, as your choice of character from a large selection of funky dancers, go from party to party creating conga lines and in between the parties you must escape from aliens who are abducting your conga members, because of course, that’s what happens. Your conga line dies when you run out of momentum and your conga line can only succeed if you gather the right variety of people for the dancing fun in the many well-designed clubs and parties.

While the story mode is short you can also find fun in an endless mode that allows you to get the longest conga line ever. If that doesn’t sound good enough then there are eight multiplayer modes that are inspired from other games, like Grand Theft Conga, that are just as fun but definitely need to be played on a larger screen than the Switch screen. For the cheap price that Conga Master is, it’s certainly worth it for the amount of replay ability it has and the fact you can party with it wherever you take your Switch. 

Score: 4/5 – An entertaining, sweet and musically addictive party you’re invited to but it’s just too short for your liking.