A Run and Jump in the Right Direction

The Xbox One has had a troubling life so far, from being behind to Playstation to shutting down studios, the Xbox One hasn’t exactly seen smooth sailing. One of the things I’ve noticed that are missing from the Xbox line up is kids games. The console seems to be pointed more towards adults as the only kids games, outside of Minecraft, are all third party games that are also available on PlayStation. With the release of the Xbox One X that all changes as a bunch of the kids Kinect games are re-released to be played simply with a controller and Super Lucky’s Tale, Xbox’s own platforming title is released and it’s actually fun.

Super Lucky’s Tale is a new 3D platformer where you play as Lucky a fox who has to help his sister rescue the book of ages from the evil cat Jinx. Jinx is trying to change the world for himself and it’s up to you to find out why and to stop him before every world is ruined. You will fight through levels that have Jinx’s minions creating technological disasters that are destroying the land and hurting the residents that live there.

I’ll start off with some of the bad parts of the game because there is more good than there is bad. The game suffers from a few small bugs and a lack of understanding why you are collecting things vibe. Unlike someone like Crash Bandicoot, Lucky can actually grab onto ledges but he can only grab onto ledges at specific times and ends up falling and you dying most of the time. This is irritating because you’re unsure of when it’s going to happen and everyone has experienced the frustration of having to start a level again because of one silly error. Throughout the game, you collect Lucky Charms to progress but you can also collect coins, of which there are many of them, except the coins, didn’t really seem to have much purpose in the end apart from collecting them.

With that out of the way, the game is actually a lot of fun. The style of the game ended up reminding me of Disney Infinity back when it was going really well. The whole game looks and plays in a similar way where instead of just regular platforming levels you have small open world levels with individual levels inside. At any time the style of game you’re playing can change and you might end up playing a side scroller level or a continuous runner level or even some really neat top-down levels that have you solving a maze while also finding little secrets. If you’re a kid and you’ve never played a platformer before than its a great introduction to all the different game types you can get.

That’s just it, Super Lucky’s Tale isn’t an amazing game but instead, it’s a good time and especially if you’re a kid who is getting into video games. If yourself a parent are getting an Xbox One X or even just a regular Xbox One S then you have some options now for the kids to play on the console as well. It is only the first leap but Super Lucky’s Tale is the next step in Xbox catching up to PlayStation, it will just take a few more good games like Super Lucky’s Tale to get there.

Score: 3.5/5