Batmans Doomsday is Near

Finally! I have some answers to who that mysterious character was in the bar in Batman Metal #3, and with that I have comic closure. The way I gained this closure was to read the newest Dark Nights tie-in that explains the origin of Devastator, the doomsday Batman. With that closure came some more explanation to what’s happening in the Metal event (which was a much needed and welcome addition to the overall story).

The writing credit go to two different writers, one for the plot that’s; Frank Tieri and the words written; James Tynion. Both are well known at the office of DC and have had their hands in Batman’s universe before and it shows, the story may tell the story of another universe’s Batman, but it still feels familiar. This issue describes the decay of a Batman at the end of his tether, the world is being taken over by superman and only he can do something about it. There is a common theme throughout the Dark Nights issues, that is present here as well, the overarching idea that these Bruce Waynes are inherently evil, but do bad things. This is mainly due to the fact that it’s the only resulting action they can take, and usually made for a compelling backstory for most of the dark Batmen (I’m looking at you Dawnbreaker). Here its just as apparent as in the Merciless storyline where love and desperation are rampant, and Bruce is heartbroken. Only this time, the relationship is not between Bruce and Diana, its Bruce and Clark. While its underplayed, I think that there is more to their relationship than just friendship and I kinda wish they delved into that aspect more than they did but they left it ambiguous and I can appreciate that.

The art in this issue is fantastic and is drawn by another DC staple; Tony S. Daniel. The art is neat when it needs to be and equally so when it came to the intensity and occasional gore. Every universe that these evil batmen are from mirrors a positive one and I keep theorising which one is which. This week’s issue doesn’t give many clues, but I would like to think that maybe this is the alternate movie universe (mostly for my enjoyment).

This is the final issue before we get the ‘Man who laughs’ origin and now that we’ve been introduced to each evil Batman, I’m hoping that the story can ramp up. I’ve been reading other tie-ins that ill be reviewing once they’re all out, and if they are any indication, its going to get better and better.

Score: 3/5