Intense Trivia Fun for Everyone

From the start, I thought Knowledge is Power was going to be just your simple trivia game. On my first playthrough, I still thought it was and then at the very end an interesting gameplay choice happened that spun it around and turned the simple trivia game into an intense, beat your friends, challenge that concluded in us playing it another four times in a row.

Knowledge is Power is a new game for PlayStation 4 and it is one of the first PlayLink games. The PlayLink games are PlayStation’s new way of playing games where you use your phone to control the game, thus allowing for more players to play and less money spent on up to six controllers because we all know how pricey that is. Knowledge is Power is a trivia game where you choose categories through a series of door and you answer questions, simple enough right? Well, there’s an added twist too it, your player gets to use power plays to stop other players from answering because the point system works on how quickly you answer each question. The power plays allow you to turn the other player’s answers into ice, slime, make each answer miss a few letters or throw bombs that explode and stop you answering if you touch them. It creates a trivia style form of fun bullying which is then followed by the final part of the trivia game…the pyramid.

At this point in our first playthrough I was winning and by a little bit, I had thought that the game was a little too easy to win. I was wrong. The pyramid is what makes Knowledge is Power so great and basically its the quicker you answer a question the more amount of steps you go up on the pyramid and once you reach the top you win. The number of points you have before the pyramid phase is turned into steps which provide you with a headstart. On each step is power play weapon that you use against your enemies to stop them from moving up the steps faster than you. On the final few steps the powerplays hit everyone which results in you going crazy at your phone as you try to wipe away the slime so you can see your answers whilst not hitting the bombs and then finally smashing the ice to be able to press your answer while someone behind you does it quicker and is able to jump past you if you’re not fast enough. It’s stressful.

I ended up losing, despite my lead, and I even ended up losing despite my lead on all four other playthroughs we did. There are more aspects to this fantastic trivia game, there is a sorting and linking games where you have to sort answers into categories or link people’s names and things together, but the best way to experience the game is to play it. Knowledge is Power is a unique new trivia game as five times played through I didn’t get any of the same questions and the categories feel endless and ridiculously fun at the same time. Knowledge is Power is a great example of how good some of these PlayLink games can be and I can’t wait to play more. For the intensity and fun alone it is definitely worth the cheap price of $24 (Australian) so grab it as your next party game because I can only imagine how intense and fun it would be to play with six players together.

Score: 4.5/5