Slowly building to greatness

The start for Daredevil’s legacy “reboot” is the beginning of a story arc entitled; Mayor Fisk. Which continues the storyline last left in the issue before hand, as Matt Murdock is freed from a Hand prison in China (after a few months) he comes home to find that the Kingpin (Wilson Fisk) is now mayor of HIS city. I was excited to start this issue, as the cliff hanger in the previous was enticing and the repercussions could be very interesting.

The main idea running this plot is that Matt’s biggest most hated and dangerous villain has now become mayor of the city he is sworn to protect and the duality of how both of his personas are going to deal with it. The first part of the comic is Matt as Matt, talking to a confidant and trying to understand the situation that has now presented itself. I found that it was easy to make a comparison with how Charles Soule describes how The Kingpin rose to power and how the current President of the United States also came into his position. Now I’m not sure if this is a commentary of the current head of office but it didn’t take much for me to make the contrast with just a little push, so I wouldn’t be surprised. Not to say it’s a bad thing, I don’t think anything Charles writes could be considered bad and this comic is still on point, as much as the previous comics have been.

The artist has changed to a man named Stefano Landini and he with the original colourist make a great combo that seem well suited for this particular hero and setting. I wasn’t blown away and I’ll admit that I didn’t really notice that the artist had changed at all. This could be due to the irregular release schedule, it could be that I’m more literary based that artistically, all I know is that upon my second reading it became glaring obvious and now I like it.

The last thing to mention is that there is an old/new trend persisting throughout the Legacy comics and I have to say, I’m a fan. Back in the day, when comics weren’t as mainstream popular, most single issues ended with what they call a “back up stories”. This was where separate artist and writers would get their shot at creating something small at the end of a main issue. This seems to be the case again and these last few pages had some beautiful art and decent writing. Its nice to see this happening again, and gives these new Legacy issues a retro/rustic feel. Daredevil #595 is a good issue and is slowly building to what I think could be something great.

Score: 3/5