No laughing matter

This is it, this is one that is meant to answer all my questions. The Batman who laughs origin is out and with it comes answers, but again in typical Batman Metal fashion, I was left with more questions than answers.  That’s not to say it was a letdown, but I did leave with mixed emotions as this Batman is the worst of the worst and this comic does its best to convince you of this fact.

The comic opens up with the main character monologing about stories while talking to a character that is entirely wrapped up in bandages and whose identity is still a secret after the comic finishes (which leads to one of the many new questions I’m now constantly pondering). As the monologue goes on, we are given the characters backstory with no holds barred when it comes to gore and depravity. I understood that this evil Batman, is meant to be the most evil and conniving but I honestly underestimated how terrible he truly was. While reading I swayed back and forth in regards to enjoying the comic and accepting the violence and horrible actions that were presented. Sometimes I felt okay, sometimes I felt it was a little too much and I’m not sure if I’m developing delicate sensibilities or if I expect certain things from certain types of media and publications. Either way, after reading this I gained a better knowledge on what this character was about for better or for worse.

The story was written by James Tynion and I’ve mentioned him before in a few other comics, he seems to be a seminal DC staple and must be trusted to write many of the important issues in many events. Its not mind blowing but its also not terrible, and I was engaged the whole way through. The art was interesting, it seems to be modern take on the new characters while using some old throw backs and small Easter eggs. I enjoyed it, but again, it wasn’t mind blowing.

It was eventually a joy to read and I’m happy I have answers. Although the questions I’m now left with are even more mysterious and I MUST know the answers. Metal will end around March so who knows when I get answers, all I know is; ill be buying and reading until I know everything.

Score: 3/5