The end is just beginning

If I’m not careful this review could easily turn into a love letter to one, if not many things; Alan Moore, Geoff Johns, DC comics, Gary Frank or The Watchmen. So I’ll try my hardest to keep my fanboying to a minimum. I don’t like the idea of things being called perfect, as I don’t think anything is flawless but goddamn this comic comes close.

The Watchmen is a seminal piece of work, and usually, when anyone tries to make a sequel of a masterful piece of work, it turns to tripe. So anytime this kinda thing happens, I either ignore them completely so I don’t get disappointed or I read them out of a sick curiosity and sadly the result is normally the same. So, when I heard that this comic was going to happen, I was dubious up until I read the first page. After that page was done, it was a joy to read, all the way to the finish. Its masterful and here’s why…

I would tell you all the reasons why I think/know why Geoff Johns is great, but I’ve already mentioned and praised the glory that he is previously in another review (see; Dawnbreaker). But all that you need to know about him and his writing in relation to this comic is that I don’t think anyone else in the industry could ever do the source material justice and do the comic well in general. The artist is Gary Frank and the same goes for him. The original artist was Dave Gibbons and somehow, even though their art is different in many ways it almost seems like Gary’s art is the perfect counterpart to the original.

It is hard to explain what this comic is about if you haven’t read the original, so if you haven’t, do yourself a favour and read it now, go ahead, I’ll wait…


… done? Good! So, it’s a direct sequel that adds new characters from that universe and then also teases interaction from the “normal” DC universe. This has been a long tease, as theorists believe that the last few reboots that have occurred in the canon of the comics have been created by the hands of Dr Manhattan. Events that help these theories solidify are things such as; Batman and the flash finding Rorschach’s journal and pin, the reverse flash quoting as he dies that he’s seen god and dies in a blue-ish flash and many other pieces of promotional art.

Enough teasing and ambiguous comments, this comic is great. The writing is top notch, the art is on point. This comic deserves to be read, and I believe if it can keep the quality at its current high, that it will be a worthy successor to an incredible piece of art. Buy this book, love this book.

Score: 5/5