Alot of setup

My enjoyment of these Hellboy comics have been waning for a little while now and I don’t know why that is, but I have a few theories. Maybe as its set in 1955 and I’ve read modern comics concerning most of the important/likeable characters, there’s no suspense or concern? Maybe it’s the lack of anything interesting really taking shape? It seems that every time there’s a turn at an event that could perhaps become fruitful, they take the safe path and it suffers. It could also be that there are now more interesting comics out, doing the same thing but better? I don’t know which one is it, but I know that my love for Hellboy continues but sadly not for this comic.

The main story continues with three separate stories doing their own thing (none sadly intersecting, which I feel would’ve been slightly more engaging) and dealing with their own issues at hand. Hellboy is fighting more giant creatures and barely uncovering a mystery on his Pacific island adventure, which is only just hardly even mentioned off handily by another character.

Now, I know I said no interconnecting but its all very loosely sewn together and not mentioned until the last two pages and I don’t think it counts. The other two stories that are happening are more of nothing and again are just more set up, for perhaps the new few issues or storyline.

The art seemed okay to begin with but the more I go back to read it, the most It seems like less and less care went into this issue. I hope there is a break for this comic, as I feel like a refresh Is needed and would not hurt at all.

Once I finished this issue, I was left with mixed emotions. I was happy that it was tying everything together and that more details are given about backstory for this organisation. But I was also let down, as nothing really happened in the last few issues and all of the events could be told in one panel in the next issue. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. Maybe something else will come from this overly long set up comic? I sure hope so.

Score: 2/5