Threes a crowd

Moon Knight is an interesting character and if you haven’t read anything with him in it, I recommend you do so. In very, VERY loose terms he is Marvel’s version of Batman, dressed in white, but most famously known to be “crazy”. The term “crazy” is sometimes used a little too freely when it comes to describing Marc Spector’s (Moon Knights) mental state. He is unhinged when it comes to how he operates his vigilantisms, but he also has multiple personality syndrome, which as I said, is sometimes treated poorly. Either way though, it makes for an interesting character and equally interesting situation/stories that follow. Ive loved every iteration of Moon Knight and for the most part his character is given its due diligence, but as Max Bemis and Jacen Burrows step up to the plate, will the streak continue?

Both issues 1 & 2 came out close together, so I decided review them both in a combo and I’m glad I did. The first issue was a great introduction to the character while still having the previous stories be canon. The last thing I wanted was another reboot of a character that was well established that we most certainly did not need. The funny thing is, the opening issue of Max Bemis’ run, there was only a single panel with Moon Knight in it and it was a dream sequence. Which I found profoundly interesting and even without the main character appearing, I was still engaged and thoroughly entertained with the story. This current run is now taking part in what seems to be a trend in comics and that is, writers from other mediums picking up roles from DC and Marvel. Rainbow Rowell wrote young adult novels, Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance now writes Doom Patrol and this current writer for Moon Knight; Max Bemis, sings for the punk band Say Anything. I’m not saying I dislike this, actually the opposite, I feel that a new brand of writers is refreshing take and maybe what some older comic characters need.

Jacen Burrows is the new artist on this book as well and his art is clean and precise. Everything seems to have a purpose and with a neat finish with even the character having amazing detail. This can be due to the colourist as well and this neat style is fitting for the source material, as it can be at times hyper violent and erratic in nature. In summary the art is great, and I want more.

The second issue, is as good as the first, although a lot more Moon Knight actually appears (which is nice). The mental stability situation was handled well in the first issue and maybe a little less tactfully in the second but maybe that’s just a little oversight and I’m being a little overly sensitive?

Brian Michael Bendis, Warren Ellis and Jeff Lemire are amazing writers. They have all had a run at Moon Knight and all done famously well. Now as Max takes on the mantle, he handles it as well as an openly honest fanboy would. It’s a great start and I was enthralled by the last panel of the second issue. This team did well, and I encourage you to read it.

Score: 4/5