A Well Known Actor Appeared

I said before that this show was a guilty pleasure and I have to say that while it still is; this episode would be the one that I would reiterate it more often than not. As for most things that aren’t perfect, there are good things and bad things and for everything this episode does right, there seems to be a little step either back or sideways.

The episode starts off with a known actor interfering with one of the character’s evil parents and as most shows, when a high-profile actor appears, you know it must be for a major role. This was pretty evident, but I feel like it was done on purpose, as he was essentially there to present story details via exposition (although luckily it didn’t feel forced and was relatable to current events). The actor was a fresh hit to the cast and even though it may be personal (I’ve always enjoyed his roles), I would like to think that he was the right choice for the character.

The crux of the episode is essentially all the kids finding their niche and becoming who they’re going to be, character wise and power wise. It was drawn out by a danger that was necessarily their main problem, which would be the parents but by another antagonist. This was interesting as they weren’t afraid to be themselves and that’s where the character defining moments came in, this albeit may have been brought on accidentally by the parents, so they aren’t completely out of trouble. It was very fun seeing them all together and finally becoming “heroes” but as this happened it also lead to two of my least favourite moments. The first one was as they all stood together in a group, trying to stand up for themselves and look imposing, I felt embarrassed as it seemed very forced and awkward. The other moment wasn’t due to anything in particular but the forced drama that occurs between a few characters, which lead to the main cast having a few terrible lines and because of the dialogue lead to a bad performance of said lines.

Aside from that little misstep, the show is still enjoyable, and the surprising amount of development given towards the parents and not just the kids actually makes the show more compelling. This then coupled with the manipulative storytelling has me feeling emotion towards characters I don’t feel comfortable having emotions for and when a show can give me confliction within emotions, I’m going to dig it. So far, so good, and I’m happy to keep watching!

Score: 3.5/5