The Chairport Awards for 2017

Its been a full year for The Chairport and it is now time for our first annual Chairport awards. These awards are voted on by all of the writers at The Chairport and then the scores and tallies are added up by myself. This first year is the testing phase for the awards and next year we’ll have more awards and a larger selection of winners and nominees. For now here are our awards for 2017:

Film of the Year:

1.     Blade Runner: 2049

2.     Baby Driver

3.     Get Out

4.     Star Wars: The Last Jedi

5.     Dunkirk

6.     Logan

7.     Coco

8.     Raw

9.     Wonder Woman

10.  Hounds of Love

Director of the Year:

1.     Jordan Peele (Get Out)

2.     Edgar Wright (Baby Driver)

3.     Denis Villeneuve (Blade Runner: 2049)

Actor of the Year:

1.     Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out)

2.     Ansel Elgort (Baby Driver)

3.     Hugh Jackman (Logan)/Robert Pattinson (Good Time)/Timothee Chalamet (Call Me By Your Name)/Patrick Stewart (Logan)

Actress of the Year:

1.     Dafne Keen (Logan)

2.     Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman)

3.     Nicole Kidman (The Beguiled)

Score of the Year:

1.     John Williams (Star Wars: The Last Jedi)

2.     Oneohtrix Point Never (Good Time)

3.     Daniel Pemberton (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword)/Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch(Blade Runner:2049)/Michael Giacchino(Coco)

Cinematographer of the Year:

1      Roger Deakins (Blade Runner: 2049)

2      Steve Yedlin (Star Wars: The Last Jedi)

3      Hoyte Van Hoytema (Dunkirk)

Animated Film of the Year:

1.     Coco

2.     The Lego Batman Movie

TV Drama of the Year:

1.     The Crown/Twin Peaks

2.     Game of Thrones/Stranger Things

3.     Mindhunter/The Path

TV Comedy of the Year:

1.     Brooklyn Nine-Nine

2.     Silicon Valley

3.     The Good Place

Most Anticipated Film for 2018:

1.     Avengers: Infinity War

2.     Ready Player One

3.     Black Panther/Mary Poppins Returns