It’s Rocket League

It’s been awhile now since Rocket League first came out, almost three years now to be more precise. I still remember seeing it on the PS Plus free downloads and seeing what it was and giving it a go. What I found was a unique and crazy game that felt like it was made for me. Being a huge FIFA player, the idea of a football car game is something I could get into and I did but then I played other things. Over time Rocket League soared in popularity and everyone as playing it. I managed to find myself stuck at the worse end of the skill bell-curve and it made me not want to play it as much.

In comes the Nintendo Switch and announced for the Switch is Rocket League. Just like that my moment had arrived as I realised that I could play it on Switch and be at the same skill level as other Switch owners and I was. What I had pretty much missed out on in the past has now come back and I can enjoy it wherever and whenever I like. Rocket League and the Nintendo Switch almost feel like a match made in heaven as I quickly realised the benefit of turning Rocket League into a portable experience and even though the core game hasn’t changed, my excitement and feeling towards it has been amplified.

Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch is the exact same as it is on every other platform. The game doesn’t do what other sports games have done and cop out on game modes, looking at you FIFA, and it doesn’t ask for ridiculous save files, hello any 2K sports game. Instead with Rocket League you get the whole package and thats what makes it one of the best games on Switch. The ability to have multiplayer wherever you like is the core of what the Switch is about and Rocket League is a perfect example of that. Aside from that the controls and everything are the same, the only downside is that the game is locked at 720P, docked or on the go, but it still keeps its 60fps which is what really matters the most.

With the Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League you get the Mario and Luigi cars along with the Metroid car as well. While playing online you can show off these limited edition, kind of, cars that show your loyalty to the Nintendo system in the same way that Psyonix have shown a great amount of care and compassion for Rocket League and the Nintendo Switch console and it’s abilities and functionality.

Score: 4.5/5