Interesting Questions and Disappointing Answers

(Warning spoilers ahead for this episode)

From the very first time I saw Captain Lorca I knew he’d end up being a bad guy. I think I even wrote it down in the episode two review, it was a fairly obvious twist in the story of Discovery. As the USS Discovery is in another universe where humans hate every other species, even eating them….gross, and it was revealed that Lorca was actually from that universe, something else I had predicted early, I had an interesting question posed to me. If all of the humans in this parallel universe are bad and Lorca is the ‘bad guy’ that could make him a good guy right?

Nope. In this episode of Star Trek Discovery, the crew of the Discovery is still trying to find a way home whilst Lorca is trying to take the throne of this messed up universe for himself. Michael has to choose sides and decide whether to team up with Lorca or evil Georgiou. One way or another Michael has to find a way back to the USS Discovery and help get her crew back to their own universe.

Now as far as twists go there was really only one in this episode and that is quite unfortunate. When the show was being made I remember people saying that it was going to be more like Game of Thrones and in a way it is more like it than it is like other Star Trek series. The only difference is that the deaths in Game of Thrones always have some sort of large weight behind them and it is enough the talk about. I’m currently three paragraphs in and I’m yet to even mention that Captain Lorca, the second main character of this Star Trek series, is now dead…just like that, although I will say that I’ve loved Jason Isaacs in this and I liked his character too. It just doesn’t have any weight to it and maybe it was because it was predictable but every time something happens in Star Trek Discovery I find myself immediately thinking of a few possible solutions and they end up being right. It’s a kind of lazy writing from the Star Trek team but it could also be just first season jitters, the show wants to be good but also crazy enough for people to love it which they do.

So because of this instead of reviewing the rest of the episode, which by the way looked really good and the action was really good, I’m going to just start predicting what will happen next. Now considering that halfway through this episode I had to check if it was the season finale or not I might be a little off my game but here goes. Either two of these things will happen, or both, 1. Now that Georgiou is on the ship she will have the know-how on how to defeat the Klingons or 2. The crew will evade the Klingon’s for long enough to be able to do another time jump and warn Starfleet of whatever elaborate plan the Klingons had. I assume they had a pretty good plan because nine months doesn’t seem like a long time to take over space and destroy Starfleet. Nevertheless, there is one thing I really want out of Discovery and that is to just be a little more caught off guard and be surprised…that’s what Game of Thrones would do.

Score: 3/5