It’s finally here, the first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story! Despite the fact that the film comes out in just a few months, which is crazy, this is the first full trailer for the much talked about film. If you’ve been following the film then you know what has been going on with it and the turmoil that it’s been through but now that the trailer is out hopefully talking about Solo will turn to excitement instead of dread.

There isn’t too much in the trailer except a cool western/heist feel to the film with Han Solo performing stunts in the Falcon with Chewie, Lando and many more by his side. The film doesn’t look too much like a Ron Howard film and it also doesn’t look too much like a Star Wars film, there is something up with that text right? I’ll leave my judgments for when the film comes out but for now, the trailer looks exciting and here’s hoping its good…I’m sure I’ll fanboy out and definitely¬†like it.

Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out 24th of May