One To Go

It has now been 14 episodes of Star Trek: Discovery and next week will be the final episode of the season. The show has gone through many short storylines which haven’t really had a huge impact on each character emotionally. So far all we’ve gotten is some really cool Star Trek, which I’m not complaining about obviously. This week’s episode introduces a much-needed element aboard of Discovery and that is some real issues between characters and some solid character development.

The USS Discovery is back in its regular universe when they realize that they’ve jumped ahead nine months and the Klingon’s have taken over most of the Federation space. As the crew begins trying to solve everything Admiral Cornwell and Sarek arrive on board to take control of the ship as it is their only hopes of fighting back against the Klingons. The Discovery must solve it’s problems on board whilst also preparing for what could be the human race’s last battle.

Right from the start of the episode, you can see a slight shift in how each character is treated and how the characters are interacting. This has been something that has been missing so far and I’m not sure why it’s only being done properly now. So far in the show, we’ve had a lot of deaths and a lot of them have felt wasted as we don’t care about the characters enough or the characters don’t seem to be too affected by their fellow crewmates dying. In this episode, you have Ash literally walking around the ship apologizing to everyone and looking all sorry for himself. You can actually tell that the character has evolved and changed whilst other characters get to play off that by using their emotions to be mad at him for what he has done, it’s a refreshing feel to Discovery.

The episode is unfortunately long and tries to fit in a plot that feels like it’s trying to be rushed about. It would’ve been cool to see the USS Discovery on the run from the Klingons for a little while. You would get to see the ship put to the test whilst also getting to see the crew’s emotions flare up when they’ve finally won, which is obviously going to happen right? This episode felt slow because it was so many little things piled into one but it also felt long because there is still a lot of moments happening on the ship.

Star Trek: Discovery has managed to stay on its course for a while now. It’s a show that was ready to take on the hate from diehard fans and it turned regular fans into bigger ones by being excited and changing up Star Trek to fit into the modern day world of television. It’ll be interesting to see what they do next week with the finale and how they leave the characters. I wouldn’t be surprised if many die and I wouldn’t be surprised if the ship went down but one thing they must do is mix this week’s character moments with the rest of the season’s action to make a great finale that people will love and will want them to watch the next season.

Score: 3/5