Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

(Spoilers for this episode)

It feels like it’s been ages since Star Trek: Discovery first aired but really it’s only been 15 episodes now. There have been heaps happening in Discovery’s first season as the show really warped through heaps of storylines like they were mini-seasons within the first season itself. The show has had its critics and its fans and from what I can tell it’s been about 50/50 in the fight for who is right about whether the show is worth it or not. If you’re one of the fans that has stayed with the show this whole time, like myself, then the end of this episode is the makers of Discovery giving you the ultimate gift, one that I won’t spoil for people but it is one that for the first time I wasn’t expecting.

The series finale of Star Trek: Discovery continued on from the last episode where the Teran Emperor¬†version of Captain Georgiou is now in charge of the USS Discovery as the Federation comes up with a plan to stop the Klingon’s from attacking Earth and wiping out the human race…nothing big happening at all. Michael Burnham finds out Georgiou’s plan and has to find a way to stop her and the Federation before the Federation goes too far.

It’s hard to review this episode because overall the episode wasn’t very good. It was a bit of a weak story and for a series finale, it wasn’t very exciting, other than the last moment (my god that was good!). Usually in a series finale, you feel like none of your favourite characters are safe and it’s all the moments from the whole season coming to a final moment but unfortunately, Discovery’s finale wasn’t like that. It was pretty slow paced and really only had one element to it, Georgiou’s plan which ended really blandly as the show tried to focus on more character moments which have been creeping in with the recent episodes. After a season of every character dying or being affected all the time with no emotions the show has chosen a calm finale which really doesn’t match the rest of the season.

In the end though the episode was good and the future looks bright for Discovery and it’s crew. The big moment at the end is one of the most crucial and surprising things to happen so far, and probably in most of the Star Trek series. The USS Discovery is on it’s way to Vulcan to meet it’s new captain when it has to stop for a distress signal. At this moment I thought it was going to turn into something similar to the start of the first JJ Abrams Star Trek film but it ended up being so much better and I can’t wait for the second season now. Star Trek: Discovery’s first season has been surprisingly good, I’ve never been a huge Star Trek fan and I didn’t think I would end up liking the show that much but I can safely say that I’m a Star Trek: Discovery fan.

Score: 3/5

Score for final moment: 5/5