Author: Kyle Tunnicliffe

  • Celeste Review

    Aint no mountain high enough I felt bad. I hadn’t heard of Celeste until maybe a few days before it was out, and I don’t know how it skimmed past my radar. Jamie mentioned it in one of our

  • Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Review

    It made a GIANT impact on my life. I'll say it now at the beginning. Shadow of the Colossus (SotC) is my favorite game of all time and it all started back in ’06 when a friend and I saw it

  • Runaways Season 1 Review & Catch-Up

    A Runaways Catch Up So, during Christmas, I got very busy and because it’s me, I also got very sick. Standard me behaviour, so sadly my reviews fell by the wayside. Now that I'm well and I can

  • The Commuter Review

    All Aboard I was lucky to get the chance to see this film, as Jamie only let me as he HAD to go on an amazing trip away and wasn’t able to see it. He seemed legitimately excited for it and I

  • Furi (Switch) Review

    InFURIating When I was asked to review this game, I was excited. I was following this games production when it was coming out to “main” consoles (PS4, XBOX, and PC) a few years ago and I

  • Black Mirror: USS Callister Review

    When Star Trek Meets Black Mirror When the question of who wanted to review the “Star Trek” episode of Black Mirror was posed, I jumped at the chance, as I love anything Sci-fi (Star

  • Marvel’s Runaways Episode 5 – Kingdom Review

    A Well Known Actor Appeared I said before that this show was a guilty pleasure and I have to say that while it still is; this episode would be the one that I would reiterate it more

  • Dark Review

    Times they are a’ changin’ …I guess you can say I was a fan? Which is weird cause I was so excited for the show, even though I didn’t really know much. I saw a teaser on

  • Rasputin: Voice of the Dragon #1 Review

    One Hell of a Spinoff I know it may seem hypocritical to my last Hellboy spin-off review, but I very much enjoyed this issue and what it accomplishes. It has everything I want from a

  • Moon Knight #188 & #189 Review

    Threes a crowd Moon Knight is an interesting character and if you haven’t read anything with him in it, I recommend you do so. In very, VERY loose terms he is Marvel's version of