Author: Nathan Mullally

  • Winchester Review

    It doesn’t quite hit the mark, but it may be the most impressive horror film we’ve had for a while   The supernatural horror film Winchester has been heavily panned by critics worldwide,

  • Fifty Shades Freed Review

     Is the conclusion of this trilogy free of bad judgment? The finale of the Fifty Shades saga doesn’t provoke, doesn’t cross lines or break boundaries, or incite thunderous debate like its

  • Jigsaw Review

    You Do Have a Choice - Whether To Scream or Not The eighth instalment in the Saw film series certainly tortures its audience - but not in the twisted horror kind of way, but in the

  • Happy Death Day Review

    Little to Celebrate Except Mediocrity The anticipated slasher film Happy Death Day is what I would call this year's horror sell-out. What I mean is, it's essentially a movie that almost

  • IT Review

    The Beginning of Something Truly Terrifying “ we know each other!” The long-anticipated new adaptation of Stephen King’s

  • Annabelle: Creation Review

    The Creation of a More Sinister Prequel I think I agree with many other reviewers who say that you should completely forget about 2014’s Annabelle and only regard this as a prequel

  • House of Cards Season 5 Review

    Will ‘Underwood 2018’ AKA Season 6 even happen? Bigger, bolder, darker and more ferocious - but it doesn’t quite hit the spot.The fifth season of Netflix’s original series House

  • Hounds of Love Review

    Hounds of LoveBy Nathan J. Mullally “It’s not about what does happen, it’s about what can happen”. Perth music video director Ben Young’s feature directorial debut Hounds of