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  • Runaways #3 Review

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  • Kingsman: The Red Diamond #3 Review

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  • The Punisher: The Platoon #2 Review

    War is hell, this comic isn’t. My issue one review of the comic was filled with tentative remarks and concerns regarding Garth Ennis’ writing and where it could potentially go.

  • Batman: The Drowned #1 Review

    Bat-Man overboard. The Dark Nights tie-ins are some of my favourite comics to read every week and call me a sucker but anything alternate history is a weakness of mine. I also enjoy

  • Batman: The Merciless Review

    Batman Comics At Their Best This comic is the best comic I’ve read since I have started reviewing and very close to one of the best single issues I’ve read ever. It’s beautiful in

  • Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. 1955: Occult Intelligence #2 Review

    Punching turtles and taking names. My love for Hellboy is great, just like the continual quality of the comics that Mike Mignola seems to put out. But that doesn’t mean he’s

  • Daredevil #27 & #28 Review

    Double the Daredevil, Double the Fun? Issue 27 and 28 came out very close to each other, so as I read both around the same time, I decided to combine them in the review. This also

  • Dark Nights: Metal #3 Review

    For Whom the Bat Tolls I’ve read this issue a few times now as I’m struggling to figure out where I stand in regards to its effect on me. I want to like this story, and some parts

  • Runaways #2 Review

    Gotta Get Back in Time One of the more appealing things about the Runaways is its sense of inclusion within the marvel universe, without (usually) getting caught up with any major

  • Kingsman: The Red Diamond #2 Review

    My name is Cash In, Shameless Cash In. I want to open this review with a positive thought. For a few reasons;1.     I don’t think there will be many positive