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  • Punisher MAX: The Platoon Review

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  • Rat Queens Special: Orc Dave #1 Review

    Orc Babe, Babe Dave. This comic is a spin off focussing on a fan favourite character from a series named Rat Queens. I haven’t reviewed Rat Queens separately yet, and I don’t think

  • Dark Nights: Batman The Dawnbreaker Review

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  • Marvel Legacy #1 Review

    Extra-large review for an extra-large issue. Look, ill say it now. Jason Aaron is the man. It honestly seems like everything he writes is amazing. If you speak to me in person about

  • Batman: The Murder Machine

    Batman-9000 This week’s evil Batman spin-off sees the amalgamation of Cyborg and Batman; the unfortunately but aptly named “Murder Machine” appears with an interesting and well

  • Angelic #1 Review

    (Monkey) Business as Usual I decided on reviewing a new release from image this week, as an issue one comic is hard to come by. Usually most Image titles are next level intriguing with

  • Dark Nights: Batman – The Red Death Review

    Justice in a Flash This issue is a spin off from the Darkest Days: Metal series I am reviewing currently (and enjoying). Within the initial story there are the dark versions of Batman,

  • Hellboy and the B.P.R.D: Occult Intelligence #1 Review

    From Hell, and I’m in Heaven It’s no secret, I love Hellboy and his consequent comics. The Characters, the universe and the stories that encompass them are incredible, well thought

  • Dark Night: Metal #2 Review

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  • Runaways #1 Review

    What's Young, is New Again The first issue of the original Runaways started in 2003 and was definitely a product of the time, from the characterisation and personalities of each young