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  • Winchester Review

    It doesn’t quite hit the mark, but it may be the most impressive horror film we’ve had for a while   The supernatural horror film Winchester has been heavily panned by critics worldwide,

  • Black Panther Review

    Inspirational, Revolutionary and History Making Cinema Getting to watch films, at the cinema or downloading, is a privilege that others don't get to have so help these charities give kids the

  • Fifty Shades Freed Review

     Is the conclusion of this trilogy free of bad judgment? The finale of the Fifty Shades saga doesn’t provoke, doesn’t cross lines or break boundaries, or incite thunderous debate like its

  • Lady Bird Review

    Teenage Dream   “Lady Bird”, is a heart-warming and affectionate portrayal of teenage life. Lovingly written and performed with such heart, “Lady Bird” will transport you back to a time

  • The Cloverfield Paradox Review

    Putting The Pieces Together In 2008 the first Cloverfield film came out and was a surprise hit as the found footage film was something new a different that people hadn't necessarily seen before.

  • Phantom Thread Review

    A Touch of Elegance. Phantom Thread is supposedly Daniel Day-Lewis’s final career performance, and if it truly is the prolific actor’s swan song then be assured that Day-Lewis bows out in

  • The Weekly Chair Guide (29th Jan – 4th Feb)

    Due to being too busy I had to stop writing The Weekly Chair Guide but as the year starts to kick on I realise that the site is doing a lot more each week and there is a lot more content coming out

  • Podcast: The HUGE Films of 2017 Review

    In this week's podcast Kyle and I go over pretty much every film released in 2017 and give you our thoughts on it. It's a huge podcast, mainly length wise, and be sure to let us know what you think

  • Maze Runner: Death Cure Review

    The Last Dystopian Teen Film There was a period in what felt like ages ago now where everything in the young adult genre was being made. Anything that was a book about a world where one thing

  • The Commuter Review

    All Aboard I was lucky to get the chance to see this film, as Jamie only let me as he HAD to go on an amazing trip away and wasn’t able to see it. He seemed legitimately excited for it and I