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  • The Post Review

    When A Film Is Released At The Perfect Time When I had first heard about Steven Spielberg making The Post I was a little worried. I was worried because he had planned to make it in such a short

  • Darkest Hour Review

    Gary Oldman's Fantastic Transformation By Sherif Andrawes How to make a new and interesting film about such a well know story and personality? There have been many films and TV series focussing

  • All the Money in the World Review

    A Story of a Kidnapped Man and A Taken Role It is hard to watch All the Money in the World without thinking about what it would've been if it weren't for crackdown on Kevin Spacey that happened

  • Call Me By Your Name Review

    An Emotional Wallop I’ve never been to Italy during the summer of 1983, but after witnessing the beauty of Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me By Your Name, I feel like I’ve lived it, smelt it and

  • The Florida Project Review

    A Magical Slice-of-Life Tale It’s hard for me to think of many other films from this year, or the last few for that matter, that have felt as alive as The Florida Project. For that reason,

  • Podcast: The Disney/Fox Deal

    In this week's episode of The Chairport Podcast Kyle and I go over what properties Disney will now own after their takeover of 20th Century Fox. We discuss what they will do with them, turn them into

  • The Greatest Showman Review

    The Greatest Show? What should have been an inspirational story about being true to yourself and recognising your differences as unique and special qualities, is lost in predictable and

  • Pitch Perfect 3 Review

    I'm not going to bother writing one of the 12 titles I came up with... Actually, 'Off-key', 'Out of Tune', 'Bad Pitch', 'Acca-Please No More', 'Accascuse Me That's Cars 2?', 'Pitch not so

  • The Chairport Podcast: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Spoilercast

    The launch of our Podcast and Patreon!With the new year comes new content from us and here is The Chairport Podcast! This podcast will hopefully be weekly and has me (James) and Kyle going over that

  • Bright Review

    Bright Isn't Worth Netflix's Lousy Price Hike Going into director David Ayer’s Bright you’d be hard pressed to know what to expect. It’s a genre mash-up like no other, infusing fantasy