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  • The Florida Project Review

    A Magical Slice-of-Life Tale It’s hard for me to think of many other films from this year, or the last few for that matter, that have felt as alive as The Florida Project. For that reason,

  • Black Mirror: USS Callister Review

    When Star Trek Meets Black Mirror When the question of who wanted to review the “Star Trek” episode of Black Mirror was posed, I jumped at the chance, as I love anything Sci-fi (Star

  • The Greatest Showman Review

    The Greatest Show? What should have been an inspirational story about being true to yourself and recognising your differences as unique and special qualities, is lost in predictable and

  • Pitch Perfect 3 Review

    I'm not going to bother writing one of the 12 titles I came up with... Actually, 'Off-key', 'Out of Tune', 'Bad Pitch', 'Acca-Please No More', 'Accascuse Me That's Cars 2?', 'Pitch not so

  • Bright Review

    Bright Isn't Worth Netflix's Lousy Price Hike Going into director David Ayer’s Bright you’d be hard pressed to know what to expect. It’s a genre mash-up like no other, infusing fantasy

  • Paddington 2 Review

    A Well Looked After Bear When it’s time for the next round of additions to the Oxford Dictionary, an additional definition ought to be included for the word delightful (adjective). Said

  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    That One Awards Film Where You Ask Why That Film? And so we enter what is arguably the most unpredictable awards season in years. You don’t need me to tell you what an unconventional year

  • Wonder Review

    You’ll Wonder – why you didn’t watch this sooner I was a big fan of Stephen Chbosky’s last film The Perks of Being a Wallflower, although I wasn’t quite sure if would enjoy his latest

  • Eminem – Revival Review

    Do You Still Believe in Eminem? After four years Eminem is back yet again with another comeback album, Revival and if that sounds familiar you’re not wrong as this is pretty much the

  • Rian Johnson Has the Guts to Actually Explore What Star Wars is (Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review, Spoilers Included)

    The War, The Force, Us and Innovation (Warning this review talks about spoilers in full detail)Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been put through quite an ordeal on it's first few days