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  • The Weekly Chair Guide (6th – 12th of March)

    Here's whats out this week, including another big game release and more Playstation Console exclusives. Oh and the King of the apes is back too.FILMSKong: Skull Island (Out Thursday)A team of

  • The Weekly Chair Guide (13th – 19th)

    Welcome back to another week of releases, there are lots on this week for games whilst everything else is a little calm. Fresh new IP for Ubisoft is out, For Honor, and Matt Damon defends China in

  • Fire Emblem: Heroes Review

    Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendo's third mobile game they've released, not including any Pokemon games because that is the Pokemon company and not solely Nintendo. I've never played any Fire

  • The Weekly Chair Guide (6th – 12th)

    Welcome back to another new week. This week we have heaps of new trailers which you can find in the link below as well as the releases of one of the worst franchises and a new X-men TV show you need

  • All of the Super Bowl Trailers

    Here is all the film, TV shows and game trailers that were released because of the Super Bowl in one convenient spot for you.Nintendo Switch (Out March 3rd) Stranger Things Season 2 (Out

  • Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Review

    My waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 continues with yet another Kingdom Hearts re-release collection. By now, this being the third one, I should be annoyed and frustrated that the continuation of my

  • The Weekly Chair Guide (30th Jan – 5th Feb)

    Start of the new week and there is already a lot going on this week with more Oscar films and heaps of new games, including a new Nintendo mobile game, to check out. Here is your guide to what you

  • The Weekly Chair Guide (23rd – 29th January)

    Welcome to, or back to, The Weekly Chair Guide. There is quite a lot out this week and a lot of it is extremely promising, everything from my favourite video game franchise to Golden Globe winning

  • The Weekly Chair Guide (16th-22nd Jan)

    Welcome to the first issue of The Weekly Chair Guide. This weekly article is something I'll be doing every monday to provide you with what you can watch, go see and play every week so that you don't

  • Best Games of 2016

    2016 was a great year for games with many hits and new franchises, This is my list of top 10 games of the past year. I'll note that I didn't play every game so if a game isn't on this list but you