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  • Doomsday Clock #1 Review

    The end is just beginning If I’m not careful this review could easily turn into a love letter to one, if not many things; Alan Moore, Geoff Johns, DC comics, Gary Frank or The

  • Dark Nights: Batman Who Laughs Review

    No laughing matter This is it, this is one that is meant to answer all my questions. The Batman who laughs origin is out and with it comes answers, but again in typical Batman Metal

  • Dark Nights: Batman Lost Review

    Once lost, soon to be found. I knew this was coming as ive seen the list of tie ins from inspecting Scott Synders Instagram and I’ve been curious to see what its about. The three main

  • Dark Nights: Devastator Review

    Batmans Doomsday is Near Finally! I have some answers to who that mysterious character was in the bar in Batman Metal #3, and with that I have comic closure. The way I gained this

  • Justice League Review From a Comic Book Fan Perspective

    Made For Me Almost 2 years. It’s been almost 2 years since I saw Batman V Superman (BVS). I loved it, but I understood its flaws. I feel like that’s what a good “fanboy” can do,

  • Justice League Review From a Filmmaking Perspective

    Someone Needs to Take Back Some Control I'm currently sitting here at my laptop just pondering on what to say. Yesterday, as I'm writing this, I went to see a film that is a huge

  • Dark Nights: Batman The Dawnbreaker Review

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