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  • Black Panther Review

    Inspirational, Revolutionary and History Making Cinema Getting to watch films, at the cinema or downloading, is a privilege that others don't get to have so help these charities give kids the

  • Phantom Thread Review

    A Touch of Elegance. Phantom Thread is supposedly Daniel Day-Lewis’s final career performance, and if it truly is the prolific actor’s swan song then be assured that Day-Lewis bows out in

  • The Commuter Review

    All Aboard I was lucky to get the chance to see this film, as Jamie only let me as he HAD to go on an amazing trip away and wasn’t able to see it. He seemed legitimately excited for it and I

  • Good Time Review

    Could be a Good Time For You Heads up: don’t expect Good Time to fully live up to its title. Whether it does or not depends on your definition of what a good time is. If your

  • Only the Brave Review

    The Brave and The Bold I have a collection of favourite directors and no matter what these director's films are about I'll go and see them because I like their work. One of these

  • The Road to Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Attack of the Clones Review & Theories

    Now I'm Thinking How Could He Do It Twice? It was May 16th, 2002 and I was a young eight years old (my god only eight....) this day is a strange day in my head as it was the first day

  • The Disaster Artists Review (Having Seen The Room)

    James Franco is finally a true artist When I first read that James Franco was to direct himself as Tommy Wiseau, the genius mastermind behind one of the most notoriously bad films of

  • Lazer Team 2 Review

    More of the Same Rooster Teeth Antics As YouTube continues it's surge into mainstream TV, and by that I mean it is slowly becoming it's own network where creators are going to YouTube

  • Goodbye Christopher Robin Review

    Deep in the History of the Hundred Acre Wood Here's a fun fact for you, Winnie The Pooh was recently voted as the best children's book of all time. What a miraculous feat for the book,

  • Justice League Review From a Comic Book Fan Perspective

    Made For Me Almost 2 years. It’s been almost 2 years since I saw Batman V Superman (BVS). I loved it, but I understood its flaws. I feel like that’s what a good “fanboy” can do,