What is The Chairport?

The Chairport is a site, based in Perth Australia, where we hope to one day be your number one place to find something to watch. Films, TV shows and Games are each their own destination and here at The Chairport we want to give you all the info and recommendations we can on as many destinations as possible. We’re striving to be the place that you visit when you’re looking for your next show to binge, next game to complete or simply to choose a film because you and your significant other can’t choose and you want to relax instead of getting all frustrated….don’t worry we’ve all been there. I hope that you love this site and if you’re looking to help us out then feel free to visit our store or volunteer. Thanks for reading and thanks for also reading this. See you at the next destination….I hope its not a reboot of Twilight.

– The Chairport

Contact us at – Thechairport@gmail.com