A man who wears what he wants so don’t pity him

A quick Google search for the new show A.P. Bio can tell you a lot about people’s views on the show. Most viewers’ reactions are negative so far. There are a lot of viewers out there who seem to think that the show is poorly made or crap, something the main character would say. A.P. Bio is the type of show that will certainly have a pretty small fanbase. It’s one that the main actor, Glenn Howerton, will be used too because the fanbase will basically be whoever loves It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. A.P. Bio is essentially the dark humour and more nonsense version of School of Rock without all the musical numbers.

A.P. Bio follows a former Harvard philosophy professor Jack, played by Glenn Howerton, who loses his job and ends up teaching A.P. Bio at a high school. Jack has a mortal nemesis, Miles, who is essentially a very well acclaimed philosophy professor. He also live’s in his dead mother’s house, something he likes to remind you of every episode. He has no intention of teaching and instead each episode focuses on a different day of Jack trying to plan the destruction of his nemesis Miles whilst he avoids any responsibilities to the students, the school and other teachers around him. Jack is basically a jerk of a human being whose couldn’t care less demeanor is hilarious.

The show is not for your typical TV viewer, I’ve watched quite a few seasons of It’s Always Sunny so I get the type of humour that Howerton is used to doing. Howerton basically playing a jerk who dresses like, well how I’m dressed now laying in bed writing this review is comedy gold for the show. It’s the mixture of both Jack not caring, the weirdness of the other teachers and the future prospect that maybe one day Jack might actually teach the kids something that keeps the show running smoothly. At times A.P. Bio can just be one big joke but there are also moments where Jack will accidentally teach the kids something without him realising or caring and it’s a little bittersweet. It’s painful to watch a guy like Jack be put into control of a classroom and that is why it’s funny.

The show does one thing really well, it uses every actor it can to get everything out of a scene. The show feels like it could run by simply have everyone act out an actual scene and then Jack walks in makes fun of everyone, insult everyone and be a general jerk and then that’s a wrap for the day because that one scene would be a quarter of an episode. Can you predict where the show is going? Yeah, you probably can a little bit and I can’t see how it would fair more than a few season but who knows perhaps there will be a twist in the works for Jack and how he goes about his life.

This is the type of show where you can’t really rely on other viewer’s reviews and you’ll need to experience everything for yourself. A.P. Bio isn’t a laugh out loud type of show unless the comedy is exactly for you, so I can’t really recommend it unless you like It’s Always Sunny. All I can say is that I was presently surprised with the quality and care put into making the show and I’ll definitely continue watching because I was laughing out loud.

Score: 4.5/5

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