• Les Misérables (BBC Mini-Series) Review

    No songs needed I'm a huge fan of the Les Misérables musical, mainly of the latest iteration of the film. When it comes to picking out musical favourites, I need not to look any further than

  • Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Review

    What would you like to do? Black Mirror has been quite an interesting show to follow over its lifespan so far. It has gone from being a well-made TV show and then bought by Netflix to be an

  • Mary Poppins Returns Review

    Cheek hurting When I first heard the title for the Mary Poppins sequel I immediately thought of how much it sounds like a superhero film. Mary Poppins Returns like she's back to save the kids of

  • Watership Down (Mini-series) Review

    Rabbits with amazing voices Watership down is both a novel and a film that I've never experienced before in my life. I know of its existence and generally what it was about but this new

  • Deadlyclassreviewpilot

    Deadly Class: Pilot Review

    Deadly good. Thank the TV gods because I think my love for TV shows has returned. As recent years have gone past my TV viewing has diminished greatly. I couldn't get through Westworld, I have

  • Vice Review

    “Are you more ruthless than you used to be?” One of the frontrunners for this year’s awards season is the political biopic, Vice, chronicling the life and career of “one of the

  • Bird Box Review

    Seeing is believing If I were asked what genre Sandra Bullocks next film would be my first guess wouldn't be an apocalypse film. It certainly wouldn't be an even slightly horror apocalypse

  • Ralph Breaks the Internet Review

    They didn't wreck it! There is nothing more cringe worthy in today's media then people trying to make jokes about things on the internet. By this I mean when media outlets make a joke about

  • The Favourite Review

    An unconventional period drama The Favourite is a period drama that is nothing but conventional. It follows Olivia Coleman as the domineering yet illogical Queen Anne and her confidant and

  • Aquaman Review

    Lost at sea Last year we ended up publishing two reviews for Justice League because I had a completely different review of the film compared to our comics guy, Kyle, who actually liked the