Deadly good.

Thank the TV gods because I think my love for TV shows has returned. As recent years have gone past my TV viewing has diminished greatly. I couldn’t get through Westworld, I have no interest in the CW DC TV shows anymore and really the only two shows I watch are Riverdale and Sabrina and lets face it the former is slowly destroying each of my brain cells. After watching the pilot of Deadly Class I feel renewed and now I can’t wait for the next episode.

Deadly Class is a coming of age story which follows Marcus, a boy who has lost everything and is on the run for a crime he didn’t commit but everyone thinks he did. His reputation sees him recruited to join an elite school, King’s Dominion, which trains assassins. The school, much like most teen dramas, is filled with different gangs and cliques and Marcus must train to be a killer whilst also surviving school itself.

There are two key aspects to Deadly Class that I’d like to applaud. The first of these two is the setting of the show. Now, I haven’t read the comic that the show is made from but I’ve heard great things, mainly from the producers Joe and Anthony Russo. Deadly Class is set in the late 1980s and unlike Riverdale is actually is set in that time. This setting removes one aspect which really kills teen drama/action shows and that mobile phones and technology. It means characters actually have to speak to one another and show their emotions on camera as oppose to texting or hiding behind a screen. It makes Deadly Class feel more real and personal as each character has to deal with their problems in the eyes of others.

The second key aspect that I love about Deadly Class is the handling of the group of characters, at least so far. Given that it’s only been one episode all of this could change but so far so good. Deadly Class seems adamant about focusing on its main character Marcus and not switching between characters, it allows you to get to know Marcus instead of you choosing which character you like best. Deadly Class does what other shows of its genre don’t do and that’s keeping all of its viewers in one place, they’re focusing on Marcus’ story and not every single person. This focus is most likely helped by the Russo Brothers being producers, they did recently manage the biggest crossover movie event of all time. Too many times have I seen shows, in general, try to go too broad to appeal to everyone. Deadly Class isn’t going to be for everyone but it will easily be a hit for its main audience.

Deadly Class has clearly been given a high budget, this can be seen through it’s great cinematography and sets which aren’t too dark to watch like some shows. In terms of the cast, every actor plays their parts well so far and the big name of the cast, Benedict Wong, isn’t too distracting from the newer/more unknown actors. I believe that Marcus has had a trouble past and I believe that most of the kids in the school are actually crazy.

It’s safe to say that I’m all in for Dead Class. Having seen the trailers previously I was a little unsure on it. I’m a fan of teen school drama shows and Deadly Class is definitely one you’d want to watch, it’s definitely a must watch for comic book fans. It’s the type of show that I could see having a big audience, similar to shows like Buffy and Firefly. I’m intrigued as to how Deadly Class’ first season will go but so far it feels fresh, different and dangerously good. One might say that it is Deadly good.

Score: 5/5

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