Helping Hand is the tenth episode in Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots series. The Short film is directed by Jon Yeo, with animation by Axis Studios.

Helping hand is another photorealistic created movie but set in space with only one character throughout the film. A woman is sent into space to fix something and terror ensues as she floats away from her ship and is left stranded in space.

I was on edge the entire time and the pacing was perfect. A blend between what’s happening, the shots, and music that accompanied kept me on edge and anxious the entire time. I enjoyed it greatly and wondered how she would be able to save herself or if she would be able to save herself.

Similar to the film Gravity, the music and sound fx makes a huge difference in the quality of the overall film. I don’t think the style of animation helped it in any way, except for one intense moment and it looked nice but I still enjoyed it for what it was.

Score: 4/5

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