Ice Age is the sixteenth episode of Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots series. The short film is directed by Tim Miller who has previously directed Deadpool and also created the show and owns the main studio for the series Blur Studio.

I was immediately in shock as real people/actors were on my screen but it was put at ease when I noticed it was Topher grace and Mary Elizbeth Winsted (whom I both love) and their story of finding a lost civilisation inside their freezer. The two are left with a very old freezer, one which they find out has a civilisation living inside of it.

It is ridiculous and insane, but it worked. They act appropriately in the modern age and I felt like I would do the same. The animation was beautiful and felt real in the world they were selling. The small minature civilisation is animated and brought to life beautifully like you’re playing the best ever version of Sim City. I was sold as soon as it opened and a consistent and honest script with an interesting story kept me enthralled.

Score: 4/5