The Legendary Tale…Again.

One of the most common argument and conversational point in today’s media is the lack of creativity. The lack of new fresh ideas and the lack of people taking risks on new projects because too often they fail due to our own selfish demands of just wanting the things we love. The fight of the Jungle Book films started a while ago now and the aftermath has now finished with Disney having their Jungle Book film and Warner Brothers now have Mowgli, their Jungle book film and it’s safe to say one is regretting it a little more than the other.

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, directed by Andy Serkis, is the story of well Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book. It follows a boy named Mowgli whose parents were killed by the tiger Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch) and the man cub Mowgli was taken in by a pack of wolves to be raised and trained along with the bear Baloo (Andy Serkis) and the panther Bagheera (Christian Bale). As Mowgli grows older he fights the mental battle of knowing he is a man and not a wolf while Kahn tries to take over the jungle and kill him.

So yes it is the usual Jungle Book story, there aren’t that many differences here and I guess that is a problem. Mowgli is almost the same visually as Disney’s The Jungle Book, which is really good except for the weird box-like face Khan has. It’s also very similar story wise except there isn’t any music in this one. Mowgli differs in the side of trying to show the more mental and physical differences that Mowgli faces with trying to fit in whilst also having a little bit of a discussion on man’s destruction of animal life.

Mowgli also is a little more gruesome and cruel with how¬†man acts in the film with some moments benefiting from being made by Warner Brothers and not by the family-friendly Disney. There is one moment in particular that took grown-up by surprise which was good considering the film hadn’t really surprised me at all up to that moment.

The creation of the film like i said is similar to Disney’s Jungle Book except there are less animals to deal with and more darker cinematography. The film uses its higher rating to ensure it portrays this tale in a darker way because it isn’t exactly the happiest of stories is it.

Overall if you weren’t a fan of Disney’s The Jungle Book because you’re looking for a more darker and grown-up version of the tale then Mowgli is for you. If you’re a fan of the Jungle Book then here is what will most likely be the only Jungle Book content you’ll get for a while because it has now been overdone. Mowgli is another retelling of the story which gives people a second choice in which version of the tale to watch but it is, unfortunately, an unnecessary film done just good enough

Score: 3/5