A Memorable Break

At this point of the year your console or PC is filled completely with triple A titles as the mad rush of releasing games before the Christmas period begins. I’ve been participating in that mad rush again and was in need of a break from it all and that is where My Memory of Us came in.

My Memory of Us, by Juggler Games, follows the story of an old man telling a tale of his lost friend from when he was a child. The old man, played by none other than the great Sir Patrick Stewart, puts you the player in the tale of how he and his friend managed to survive an invasion and stick together until the end. The game is essentially a children’s story book about two kids trying to survive through the beginning of a war.

In My Memory of Us you switch between both the boy and the girl characters in order to get through individual levels. Each level is essentially one big story puzzle to solve, whether that be getting a cake for a birthday or finding keys to unlock someone out of prison. Each level further progresses the story in small ways which lets you feel like you’re actually taking a valuable part in the overall story.

It isn’t really the gameplay that makes My Memory of Us great, it is the art design and it’s simple storytelling nature that you’ll remember in the end. Made to look like a well made children’s picture book the game’s ‘cutscenes’ are creative and feel unique despite being simple in nature. 

The game itself is short and never gets too repetitive. Solving puzzles are either easy or take a few attempts to get right in certain areas. At times I felt like I was being a bit thick and not knowing what to do but everything about the game is in it’s design and that includes how to get through the levels.

Sir Patrick Stewart narrating is enough to get this game but really you should play it because it is clear a lot of love and care has gone into it. If you’re in need of a break from killing other players, playing whichever sports game is your favourite or adventuring through lands completing endless tasks then My Memory of Us is for you. Give yourself a break and let My Memory of Us tell you a simple story with great flair and design.

Score: 4/5

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