Introducing The Chairport’s Retro-Spective Podcast

Today is the launch of our brand new podcast, The Chairport’s Retro-Spective. Retro-Spective is hosted by Kyle and Terry and every week Kyle and Terry travel back in time (through their TV’s) to play a retro game and then discuss everything about it, it’s one big Retro-Spective…get it!

This is our second podcast and our main podcast will be returning soon as well so there will be plenty of content for you to listen to, and hopefully, you do listen to it.

You can join Kyle and Terry for the first two episodes of Retro-Spective which are about the podcast itself, what their the plan is, and about the first game, Super Mario RPG.

Where can you find the podcast? Great question! You can find it pretty much anywhere! We tried to have every platform available at the launch of the podcast but some are slow…ahem Spotify…but we’re working on it. Right now it is available on:

If you want to help us out and support us then please rate and review it and share it with your friends. Like our Facebook pages (Retro-Spective & The Chairport) and visit our Patreon.

Thanks for reading this and we hope you enjoy the podcast, we’re all super proud of it.

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