We Only Care About Overcooked 2!

You read that right Overcooked 2 seems to be coming to the Nintendo Switch. A picture has been going around Twitter today of some E3 plans for the Nintendo Switch and that photo appears to confirm a lot of new games for the hit console.

There are the obvious games like FIFA 19, Mario Tennis Aces, Dragon Ball FighterZ and more. Then there is Fortnite which will be a big hit for the Switch, how it’ll work portably as it will consume all of your phone data will be interesting as well.

What we’re most excited about is Overcooked 2! The surprise hit multiplayer/family ruining/friendship breaking chaos that is a wonderful game is making a come back with it’s sequel. The first Overcooked performed really well on every platform and it quickly became everyone’s favourite couch multiplayer game.

We really hope that this is true and we see Overcooked 2 at E3 and hopefully released soon, I mean I’ll just take more of the same thanks!

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