Time To Get a Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Let’s Go is Pokemon’s big debut on the Nintendo Switch and it looks freaking awesome.

Officially called Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee which seems to be a reboot/reimagining of Pokemon Yellow released back in 1999. I will try my best not to be biased in this article but full disclosure Pokemon Yellow was the very first Pokemon game I played and even though I was 7 it made a lasting impression. The trailer shows what appears to be the Kanto region and seems to only focus on the original 151 Pokemon (the best generation depending on your age).

The two games exclusive to the Switch launch on November 16 this year. The game footage shown in this announcement trailer look incredible and a far cry from even the graphical capabilities of the 3DS but still feel familiar enough to appeal to longtime fans of the series. This trailer demonstrates how Pokemon belongs on the more powerful Nintendo Switch. Also looking at the trailer you can see the influence of Niantic’s very popular mobile game Pokemon Go and even the capturing pokemon mechanics look like they are present in the new games but much more refined. I also think the joycon controllers will make the catching mechanics much more fun and interactive than ever before. Luckily the battle system appears to be a better version of the same battle mechanics that have been used since the original games. There is one minor tweak and well you’ll only be able to battle NPCs and not wild Pokemon, those you can only capture like Pokemon Go.

The game does seem to start out in Pallet Town and depending on which game you buy will
determine if you have Pikachu or Eevee following you around on your journey. I will most likely get the Pikachu version just so I can appease my inner child. Interestingly it seems as though Pokemon Let’s Go and Pokemon Go do have compatibility and it appears you can capture a Pokemon in Pokemon Go and transfer it to your Pokemon Let’s Go game. If this ends up being true it could result in more people using Pokemon Go as it does seem to have dropped off a bit lately. Pokemon even announced an interesting Pokeball controller ‘Pokeball Plus’ for the game (sold separately) but you can use it to operate the game fully and feel more like a trainer I guess. Interestingly you can upload your Pokemon into the ball and take them with you. So, I suppose it really is meant to make you feel like a real trainer and closer to your Pokemon. Another interesting thing about this game is that you can play the entire game with only one joycon controller and these new games also introduce multiplayer capability. So that you and a friend can share in on the same Pokemon journey together.

These new games look to be aimed at newcomers to the series but also seem to be a great reboot for long-time fans. I am extremely excited for these new Pokemon Games and cannot wait to get my hands on them and review it on November 16. Check out the announcement trailer here:

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