With great characters, comes great cinematography

Into the Spider-Verse swings into best place in the Spider-Man films ladder

I love Spider-man, I loved Spider-man since I was a kid and I think that most people have in their own way since its creation by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko all those years ago and I think that’s one of those things that surprised me while waiting in line. It wasn’t just 10-year-old boys, it was 10-year-old girls, and young adults and mature adults and everyone was excited and that’s why I love comics and this character, it somehow (throughout its many years) transcends any norms and is loved by all. But, is unwavering love and excitement warranted on this experimental endeavour? In short, Yes! In long, let me tell you why.

First of all, the art style and aesthetics that the studio decided to go with, were stunning and lent itself to the style of movie and the characters therein. It was as if they could’ve made the characters borderline life like and then decided to switch back and make the movie half comic book and it worked a treat. It was legitimately like reading a comic book come to life and I never knew I needed anything more. This is how all animated movies should be, their animation style should be representational of the story they’re trying to tell.

After that, the other thing that made really made this movie authentic when it came to the expressing itself within the universe and being a vehicle for the characters was the music. That and the sound effects were on point, as they had to be. Onomatopoeia has been present in comics and has been since they were invented (Boom, Crash or Thwip, to name a few) and knowing this, my biggest question was if they were going to be included or put to the wayside for standard sound effects. My questions were answered pretty quickly and the movie shines when it borderlines itself between being a comic book and a comic book movie. Seeing onomatopoeia used in clever and fun ways actually made me laugh aloud in the cinema and were some of my favourite subtle parts throughout the movie.

The voice acting all throughout was great and I couldn’t tell if anyone was skating through, including Nicolas cage who actually was one of my favourite characters/spider people in this film. The script they all had to work with was fantastic. It was touching and very funny in parts and the exact things I love from a modern comic book. The basic storyline is that Miles Morales stumbles on powers and tries to learn how to use them, while also dealing with multiple spider people from around the multiverse. It’s a simple premise but has personal trails for Miles throughout to make it engaging on a personal level.

Upon reflection, this is something that Marvel should also do, not just Sony. There is an array of amazing characters that Marvel have to take a chance on and this is the best medium to do it because imagine all the crazy chracters they could make these films for. If it ends up being as successful as I think it will be then this is an avenue that needs to be swung down.

P.S There is a after credits scene. Watch it.

Score: 5/5