Nintendo has had a stunning and inspirational last two years with the Switch. It has easily been the ultimate comeback story with Zelda being incredible, Mario Kart continues to be a classic and Mario Odyessy continuing the Mario legacy. The next hurdle to complete was Smash Bros, to continue their streak this had to be the best Smash ever.

It is safe to say that it is. Everything you could ever need or want is here! I’ve never been the biggest of Smash Bros fans, mainly because I usually play it by myself, but getting Super Smash Bros Ultimate ended up being a no-brainer for me. There is enough single player content in Ultimate that it can be pleasing to every gamer.

The obvious highlight for Ultimate is easily the roster. I usually keep playing as the same two characters when I play Smash Bros, mainly because that’s just what I’m used to. I usually play as Link and Fox, no messing around with other characters. Ultimate’s single player story mode, World of Light, kind of forces you to mess around with other characters and try them out as you attempt to unlock the insanely huge roster of characters. As you journey through the world fighting in different setup scenarios that feel fresh and frustrating, your choice of fighter feels more important than just choosing your favourite. World of Light made me love playing as Pac Man!

The Spirits aspect of Ultimate is difficult to understand why you need them at first and I usually found myself just using the recommended spirits. Over time, however, I slowly became used to the system and evolved the layout that joined my fighter to create an unstoppable force. Which ultimately almost always fails because of falling off the stage.

As a Smash player who doesn’t usually get excited about the game and only really cared about playing as Link and Fox, I can safely say I’m greatly satisfied by Ultimate. Ultimate’s huge roster and World of Light mode are the reasons why I chose to buy the game and those and the rest of the game make for a must have experience in the Switch. I’m excited for the upcoming roster additions and for online to work so I can play against people. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is a must have on your Switch system, everyone else is there so why wouldn’t you be too?

Score: 4.5/5

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