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  • Mowgli-jungle-book-review

    Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle Review

    The Legendary Tale...Again. One of the most common argument and conversational point in today's media is the lack of creativity. The lack of new fresh ideas and the lack of people taking

  • Venom Review

    Poison or Antidote? Sony films for me are hit and miss, with a little more miss than hit in my opinion. It used to be that they were a product of their time and that there wasn’t much else

  • The Spy Who Dumped Me Review

    The Spy Who Dumped Me is a surprisingly action-packed and often times hilarious spy movie that kicks the butt of any rom-com or ‘Damsel in Distress’ expectations the trailer and the title may

  • Blockers Review

    American Pie for a new generation Wow, this movie surprised me; I really wasn’t expecting much at all, maybe that’s why I enjoyed it so much? Honestly, when I saw the trailer I wasn’t

  • A Wrinkle In Time Review

    Needed More Time. As I got ready to watch this movie, I was informed that it was meant for 8 to 12-year-olds and in some way it was meant to make me feel the way I did when I was a kid and if I

  • Tomb Raider Review

    A Narrow Escape From A Tomb So, as a guy who has played nearly every tomb raider game (and finished most of them), I felt like I would be an authority on this movie but knowing I can’t have a

  • Irreplaceableyounetflixoriginal

    Irreplaceable You Review

    Not So Irreplaceable Irreplaceable you is a Netflix Original Film and is about a young couple who met as children and have become best friends and lovers. As all seems to be going well for Sam

  • Game Night Review

      Packed with an amazing cast, witty one-liners and plot twists hidden around every corner, Game Night is a clear winner! Game Night is centered around Max (played by Jason Bateman)

  • Black Panther Review

    Inspirational, Revolutionary and History Making Cinema Getting to watch films, at the cinema or downloading, is a privilege that others don't get to have so help these charities give kids the

  • Phantom Thread Review

    A Touch of Elegance. Phantom Thread is supposedly Daniel Day-Lewis’s final career performance, and if it truly is the prolific actor’s swan song then be assured that Day-Lewis bows out in