The Bluths are back!

The long-awaited release date for the long-awaited fifth season of Arrested Development is finally announced and there is a new trailer as well!

Yes, after releasing the re-edited version of season 4, which is already better than it was before, Netflix has now released the trailer for Arrested Development season five.

The trailer shows the whole gang back together, instead of you know being apart for the whole season, as Lindsey begins her campaign to run for office and the Bluths award themselves a family of the year award.

I’m excited about this new season as there won’t be any catching up time and explaining time so hopefully, it’ll just move right into the typical Bluth antics and there won’t be any messing around.

Arrested Development Season Five will be released on May 29th and you can watch the trailer below and you can also check out the re-edited version of Season four on Netflix now.

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