Warning: Trailer Contains Most of the Film

Yes, our segment of Today’s Trailer is back and what better way to start then to introduce the beginning of the Halloween season for trailers. Halloween, apart from being my birthday, is the day that one film will be released and that will be a horror film and every year everyone hopes that it’ll be good. The only thing is that this horror film set on Halloween is out September¬†28th…

Apart from that! Hell Fest actually looks alright, I mean I don’t watch horror films because I’m afraid of things like the dark, ominous situations, ghosts, any form of tense situation where I might die in video games and general scary sounds. So it is also good that the whole film is in the trailer unless there are some huge surprises.

Hell Fest follows the story of a group of friends who go to, yep you guessed it right, a festival called Hell Fest, because why wouldn’t you. They start to get scared by their surroundings as a masked man starts to kill people because you’ve essentially set up a playground for a mass murderer. You can check out the trailer below but be warned it contains what will probably be a lot of spoilers.

Trailer Score: Watch it on Netflix one day.

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