Yes, you’ve read that correctly the step-brothers duo are back with a new comedy and no it isn’t Step-Brothers 2, stop asking for it. This time around the duo are taking on Sherlock Holmes and John Watson in the film…Holmes and Watson.

The film, a comedy obviously, is set around a case that Holmes (Will Ferrell) and Watson (John C. Reilly) are thrown into as the life of the Queen herself is in danger. Holmes and Watson have four days to solve the case or Moriarty (Ralph Fiennes) will kill the Queen.

A pretty standard plot as far as Sherlock Holmes stories goes and one that could really go either way in terms of comedy. Ferrell and Reilly are quite funny together but it’ll be interesting to see how their comedy goes when put in a time period and mixed in with modern day jokes.

It could go horribly wrong or be extremely funny, doubt there will be much middle ground. The trailer displays a bit of both sides with the selfie joke being a little been there done that but hey we don’t get comedies often anymore so we’ll see.

Holmes and Watson is just around the corner as it is released Christmas this year. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

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