Zima Blue is the fourteenth episode of Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots series. The short film is directed by Robert Valley, with animation by Passion Animation Studios.

Zima Blue had my attention right away and never let go until the credits rolled. The story is not full of action and violence like the others I liked but it was a nuanced sci-fi story that was so damn intriguing I don’t think I ever blinked, I was that enthralled. The art was a dark lined cartoon which reminded me of samurai jack but with a massive budget and it fits the story perfectly. This short film will surely be one of the most analysed by people over the years for it’s use of story-telling mixed with it’s art choice.

The story follows a famous artist who has pushed the boundaries of art over and over again for years and his final piece is to be documented and understood by one lucky reporter. It may not sound exciting but if you enjoy beautiful stylised cartoon art and thoughtful artsy sci-fi, then this is for you.

Score: 5/5

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