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  • Maze Runner: Death Cure Review

    The Last Dystopian Teen Film There was a period in what felt like ages ago now where everything in the young adult genre was being made. Anything that was a book about a world where one thing

  • Rocket League (Switch) Review

    It's Rocket League It's been awhile now since Rocket League first came out, almost three years now to be more precise. I still remember seeing it on the PS Plus free downloads and seeing what it

  • Runaways Season 1 Review & Catch-Up

    A Runaways Catch Up So, during Christmas, I got very busy and because it’s me, I also got very sick. Standard me behaviour, so sadly my reviews fell by the wayside. Now that I'm well and I can

  • The Commuter Review

    All Aboard I was lucky to get the chance to see this film, as Jamie only let me as he HAD to go on an amazing trip away and wasn’t able to see it. He seemed legitimately excited for it and I

  • Furi (Switch) Review

    InFURIating When I was asked to review this game, I was excited. I was following this games production when it was coming out to “main” consoles (PS4, XBOX, and PC) a few years ago and I

  • The Post Review

    When A Film Is Released At The Perfect Time When I had first heard about Steven Spielberg making The Post I was a little worried. I was worried because he had planned to make it in such a short

  • Darkest Hour Review

    Gary Oldman's Fantastic Transformation By Sherif Andrawes How to make a new and interesting film about such a well know story and personality? There have been many films and TV series focussing

  • Star Trek: Discovery – Episode 10 Review

    Trapped But Not Lost The return of Star Trek: Discovery, one of my favorite shows of 2017, completely crept up on me and I was alarmed to see it back so soon. I've been pretty vocal about how I

  • All the Money in the World Review

    A Story of a Kidnapped Man and A Taken Role It is hard to watch All the Money in the World without thinking about what it would've been if it weren't for crackdown on Kevin Spacey that happened

  • Call Me By Your Name Review

    An Emotional Wallop I’ve never been to Italy during the summer of 1983, but after witnessing the beauty of Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me By Your Name, I feel like I’ve lived it, smelt it and